Can the Authenticity of your Christianity be tested?

Can the Authenticity of your Christianity be tested?

Matthew 7:21 explains that "Not everyone that says Lord, Lord, will enter the kingdom of heaven but the one who does the will of the father".

In this modern age there are many proclamations that aren't "Justified" by God but rather by self or man. The truth is, just as many will say Lord, Lord, without any relation, many will also say I'm a Christian! I'm a Christian! without a true relationship with God.

Many today claim to be Christians but fail to deny themselves, pick up their cross and follow Jesus. Many claim to be Christians but don't believe in the resurrection. Many claim to be filled with the Holy Spirit but bears no fruit of the Spirit. Many claim to be sheep but in actuality they are workers of iniquity whether known or unknown.

This modern age of pharisee like lifestyle is hypocritical but is seen as authentic. For they intentionally Pray loudly in public to be seen and heard with their many eloquent words. They attempt to act the part and look the part but a corrupt tree can never bring forth good fruit.

As a brand we are here to promote the authentic, because the enemy desires to paint the authentic as fake and the fake as authentic. Ensure when you face God on that day you do not hear "I KNOW YOU NOT"


Are you certain you are saved? Are you sure your eternity will be with Christ? The Authencity of your Christianity will be tested but don't wait until the end to be sure for it will be too late. Test your authenticity against the "Word of God".

The Authenticity of your Christianity will be tested. ARE YOU REAL?

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